Conversation Pieces (on-line enabled)

Small group discussions based around selected short articles from or similar website. Attendance is a mix of in-person and via Google Meet. Meets third Thursday each month, 2pm.

Coordinator: Stuart Birks, ph. 021 204 7903.


Book Discussion Group 2 (on-line enabled)

This group will discuss a chapter a month from Yuval Harari’s 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. This is an opportunity for relaxed, small group, speculative conversation. Attendance is a mix of in-person and via Google Meet. Meets first Friday each month, 2 pm.

Coordinator: Stuart Birks, Ph 021 204 7903,

Calling for expressions of interest:

TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) Talks

This group will enable non-physically active members to keep connected. Download more information here.

Email Graham Slater at

U3A Manawatu the first 20 years

This book, a history of U3A Manawatu researched and written by Carol Phillips, is available now for $10 a copy plus $4.50 pp. You can download further information and guidelines on how to purchase a copy here.

Recording & Broadcast Group

Has a weekly programme on Manawatu People’s Radio. It is called “Manawatu Conversations” and focuses primarily on oral history. It is broadcast on Tuesdays at 3pm and Saturdays at 1pm on 999AM. You can also hear the station here, or follow the link on the station’s web page: Past episodes are available as podcasts here. Queries to

John Ward is looking for a keen musician who is interested in listening to, and discussing, classical music with him. Please ring him on 0274 455 299.