Book Group vacancies

There are 2 vacancies in Book Group 1 which meets at 1.30pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  If you are interested, please contact Carol Phillips on 358 1991 or

Sketching Group vacancies

There are 2 vacancies in the Sketching Group which meets at 10am on the 3rd Monday each month.  If interested, please contact Pauline Wellwood on 356 1977 or

U3A Manawatu digital archive

If you have any historical records on your computer – documents, photos etc. – relating to U3A Manawatu activities, which could be added to this archive, please send copies to Chris Phillips at

Write Our Memoirs Too

This second Write your Memoirs group is now full and has closed off its membership.  If you would like a place on a waiting list for a possible third iteration, please contact Arne Evans at

Recording & Broadcast Group

Now has a weekly programme on Manawatu People’s Radio. It is called “Manawatu Conversations” and focuses primarily on oral history. It is broadcast on Tuesdays at 1pm on 999AM. You can also hear the station here, or follow the link on the station’s web page: Past episodes are available as podcasts here.   Queries to

Start a learning group!

New groups can be started at any time. The possibilities are endless – you never know until you try!  If you are interested in coordinating a group, please contact Chris Phillips at or 358-1991.

Retirement village contacts

If you live in a retirement village or rest home, and would be willing to act as the contact person for information on U3A seminars, please contact Graham Slater on 353-0586 or