U3A Manawatu Committee 2019-20:
Chairperson: Graham Slater
Secretary/Newsletter: Rosemary Krsinich
Treasurer:  Ron Paddock
Membership: Larry Haist
Learning groups: Graham Slater, Chris Phillips
Seminars: Stuart Birks, Graham Slater, Chris Phillips, Ron Paddock
Web site: Chris Phillips, Rosemary Krsinich
Social events: Janet Black, Merle Smillie
Technical equipment: Graham Slater
Enquiries:  Chris Phillips
Archives:  Chris Phillips, Graham Slater
Promotion:  Merle Smillie
Other:  Stu Schwartz

Other contributors:
Social events: Bev Charlton
Promotional displays: Jill Gibson
Seminars: Mike Carter, Don Esslemont

Chairperson’s Report

The AGM is held in September each year.  The Chairperson presents a report at the AGM on the previous year’s activities.

Click for the 2019 Chairperson’s Report

U3A Manawatu is a registered charity.  Click for the current U3A Manawatu entry on the Charities Services website.