Chairperson: Chris van der Krogt
Secretary: Rosemary Krsinich
Treasurer:  Ron Paddock
Membership: Anne Spring
Learning Programme: Janet Black, Stuart Birks
Seminars: Stuart Birks (Co-ordinator), Chris van der Krogt, Ron Paddock, Anne Spring
Website: Rosemary Krsinich
Newsletter: Rosemary Krsinich
Coordinator of groups: Chris van der Krogt
Science group-restart Stu Schwartz
Social events: Janet Black, Claire Barrett
Technical equipment and setup: Graham Slater, Stuart Birks
Enquiries:  Chris van der Krogt
Archives:  Rosemary Krsinich, Chris van der Krogt
Promotion:  Janet Black
Constitution:  Claire Barrett

Other contributors:
Website: Chris Phillips

Chairperson’s Report

The AGM is held in September each year.  The Chairperson presents a report at the AGM on the previous year’s activities. Click for the 2023 Chairperson’s Report.

U3A Manawatu is registered as an Incorporated Society and a registered charity

Click for the current U3A Manawatu entry on the Charities Services website.

Click for the Constitution (September 2023).

Click for the current U3A Manawatu entry on the Incorporated Societies website. Search for “U3A Manawatu”.